Personalise your hairdressing/barbering course

Build your own hairdressing and/or barbering course with your choice of specific units (unit accreditation).  This allows you to undertake just the accredited units you require, without undertaking a full NVQ course.  Below is a list of available units, with a guide to the expected completion time.

Available hairdressing NVQ units:
• GH8 – Shampoo, condition and treat the hair and scalp (approx 12 days)
• GH9 – Change hair colour (from 30 days)
• GH10 – Style and finish hair (from 12 days)
• GH11 – Set and dress hair (from 10 days)
• GH12 – Cut hair using basic techniques (from 40 days)

Available barbering NVQ units:
• GB3 – Cut hair using basic barbering includes fading (from 37 days)
• GB4 – Cut facial hair to shape using basic techniques (from 10 days)
• GB5 – Dry and finish men’s hair (from 10 days)
• AH21 – Create basic patterns in hair (approx 8 days)

£95.00 one-off registration  + £350.00 for each unit (fully inclusive)
example: 1 unit – £95 + £350 = £445
example: 2 units – £95 + £350 + £350 = £795 

The above timescales should serve as a guide only for the highest number of days you may be attending the academy, however these can be shorter on completion of some theory at home as well as other factors such as how quickly you may pick things up and the availability of clients.  This is why we recommend having a taster day so that we may be able to identify how well you could progress.