Book your appointment, taster day or start date at LAFHAB

Book a Tour & Chat
Make an appointment to call in for an informal chat and tour of the academy, this can be any day Mon-Sat 10am-4pm

Book a Taster Day
Book a taster day on a day that is convenient for you (Mon-Fri),and the date is flexible

Book a Start Date
Book in to start your hairdressing/barbering course on a day that is good for you (Tues-Sat), £100 course deposit is required and the date is flexible.  You must have had a Taster Day before signing up for a course.

Please note:
• £30 Taster Day fee is credited against your course fee if you sign up for a course within 2 months
• £100 course deposit is credited against the course fee if you start within 2 months
• Dates for taster days and start date can easily be rescheduled within a further 2 months at no further cost
• Fees can be paid online or at the academy (appointment required)
• Fees/deposits are non-refundable, however as long as you have your taster day or start your course within 2 months (flexible dates) you will not lose your payment
• Everyone wishing to start a course must have a Taster Day first, this is to allow for prospective clients to sample the training in advance before committing.