start a course

Ready to start an accredited NVQ course here at LAFHAB?  Great!

We require everyone wishing to start a course with us to have a Taster Day first, this costs just £30 and allows you to sample the training without commitment.  Should you then sign up for a course, that £30 will be credited against your course fee.  Arrange a Taster Day

Step 1 – Payment option

Firstly, the process depends on how you will be paying for your course.

If you will be paying in instalments
You will need to complete a short form (link at the bottom of this page), then book an appointment to come into the academy at least 14 days before your course starts, sign your credit agreement (and provide photo ID & 1 utility bill with your name & address) and other paperwork.  Your first payment will be made on your first day of training.  (The 14 days is the ‘cooling off period’ in which time you may decide to not continue, in which case you will need to advise us in writing or by email, and your agreement will be cancelled).

If you will be paying for your course in full
Once you have start date in mind, simply complete the short form below (link at the bottom of this page).

Step 2 -Training Kit

In the meantime, you will also need to acquire a training kit, you can buy items required from wherever you wish, but please ensure you buy equipment that is decent quality that will at least last throughout your training.  We have put together kit lists to help you:

Barbers: we have teamed up with Barber Blades to put together a kit (see here), you can purchase from them directly or see the items to buy elsewhere. In addition, you will need to buy scissors & thinners, these are down to personal taste and budget and left/right handed option.

Hairdressers: we have put together a list for 2 recommended suppliers of hairdressing equipment and supplies, Sallys Salon Services and Dennis Williams (see here – use the tabs for each business).  In addition, you will need to buy scissors & thinners, these are down to personal taste and budget and left/right handed option.  Once you have registered on a course we can provide you with a letter confirming that you are a student of ours, which will allow you to open a trade account with them.

Step 3 – Start date

Once you have decided how you wish to pay, and you have a start date in mind, simple complete this short form.  If you have advised us a start date but then you can’t make it, simple let us know and we can reschedule.

If you are interested in starting a course but you have some questions, then you can come in for an informal chat and tour of the academy.  Simply complete the Contact Form to say you wish to book a tour & chat, indicating your preferred day & time, we will then get in touch to confirm and make arrangements.