VTCT-accredited hairdressing & barbering NVQ courses in Leeds
Frequently Asked Questions

When do your courses commence? There are no start dates?
Unlike colleges and further education centres etc, we don't work to the academic year. As part of our 'Flexible Learning' we have regular start dates throughout the year, so you can start pretty much whenever you want.

What are the learning hours & days?
We don't have fixed learning schedules, we offer Students the option of specifying the days they want to train, around their availability. This means they can train & learn for 1,2,3, 4 or 5 days a week. Also, as part of our commitment to offer 'Flexible Training' we now offer evening & Saturday learning options.

How long do courses run for?
Unlike colleges etc we don't dictate your attendance.  Our NVQ courses specify the average number of days to attend throughout the course. Because students can learn 1,2,3 or up to 5 days a week, the course duration is determined by the chosen learning schedule. As an example, the Level 2 Hairdressing course takes approximately 60 full-day lessons, at 2 days a week this would take 30 weeks.

Do I need to wear a uniform?
We don't have a specific uniform, however we have a dress code of black clothing and closed shoes.

Do I need to have a number of GCSEs to take a course? Do I need to take any test before starting a course?
There is no requirement for a Learner to have any GCSEs (or equivalent), however it may be necessary to undertake a basic literacy & numeracy test to determine your suitability and identify any additional support or tutoring that may be required.
I am dyslexic - how will this affect my chosen course?
Additional resources and tutoring are provided to students with dyslexia, so please let us know when your course commences.

How can I spread the cost of the course?
In addition to paying in full prior to your course commencing, we offer Clients the option of paying a deposit of as little as £300, and the balance can be spread over the course duration in per-lesson, weekly or monthly payments.  A tailored payment plan will be set up at the commencement of your course,
all payments must be made in advance of lessons.

Do I need to purchase any equipment?
We provide training materials and resources, Learners will need to purchase a training kit however this is not required at the outset and can be purchased as the course progresses.

Why Train With LAFHAB?
  • No academic timetable - start when you want
  • Flexible learning - study and learn at your own pace
  • Convenient training - Thursday evening & saturday courses available
  • Easy Payments - spread the cost of your hairdressing/barbering course with our payment plans

Leeds Academy For Hairdressing And Barbering (LAFHAB) offers only accredited NVQ hairdressing and barbering courses